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Freedom Fighters Central

Freedom Fighters share fellowship in an exciting effort to end human trafficking.

Meet today's Freedom Fighters! They share the excitement of saving lives. How? They are the key link to help women rescued from human trafficking and slavery. Freedom Fighters may not be able to comb the streets to help, but they are very much on the frontlines as they market the products these rescued women produce. The more they sell, the more secure is the freedom of those rescued. It is a life-changing transaction for all involved.

As a Freedom Fighter you become the voice for these women! You sell the jewelry and other handmade products the women make. You invite your neighbors to sponsor a party or sign on as a Freedom Fighter. You also earn commissions on every sale. It becomes your own part-time business you can operate out of your home. Who wouldn't want to encourage others to make a difference while enjoying this amazing collection of jewelry? Become an active advocate for women who have no voice of their own! You become hands and feet for them creatively, effectively and actively, reaching out and inviting others to make a difference. Help end sex trafficking and become a modern-day abolitionist!!

The Westerly, a lucious necklace for day or night. The fashionable and fun Very Berry bracelet