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  • Ndifreke

Ndifreke has learned to hide when the Ekpo hunters are out. His uncle says that during hunting season, they're allowed to take humans. And he's seen fingers for sale in market at the witchdoctors booth, so he knows it's true. But the hunger is hard in hiding, and the black mambo can fall out of the branches above him any time. But it's not just the Ekpo hunters he fears. Last week the neighboring village was burned down and all the women taken. They came while the men were away. It was so strange, because he recognized the men who did it. They were from the next door Muslim village. Why did they do this? Someone said that it is because they are Christians, but Ndifreke has never seen a Bible. Is 'Christian' another name for his tribe? He's confused. 'How long must I hide?' he wonders. 'Who will help me?' Will you show him Jesus?

8.5'' x 11'' print


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