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  • Broken Vessel

God only uses broken vessels; humbled vessels! Even Jesus chose to be broken: I Cor. 11:24 "eat this is my body which is broken for you." He chose the way of brokenness in order to be used. We must choose brokenness too. In Gideon's day "Until the earthen pitchers (vessels) were broken the light couldn't shine forth. When the pitchers were broken then the light shined forth and the enemies of God were destroyed." Judges 7:16-22. Only when we are broken does the light shine forth. Therefore, to fully receive Him and to live in our proper relation with Him, as broken vessels, we need to ask Him for true humility. Only Jesus can work in us true humility. To ask this is contrary to every natural instinct of man. But when we are saved, God gives us that desire for a closer walk with Him, a walk of grace and faith. By His grace we can ask for humility. And with His grace we can endure the trials necessary to become humble.

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Broken Vessel

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