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  • Ayshe {*}

Ayshe represents the many little girls in the Middle East. She can still skip and play. But soon she will need to wear her headscarf. She's already learning her prayers and gets up with her mother for the early morning set. At nine she will be marriageable. She's worried about circumcision. She's heard her father say that her brother might go to Paradise, if Allah wills. But whenever she asks about herself, he avoids the question. 'Am I bad?' she sometimes wonders. She tries so hard to be good and helpful. But she notices that her mother often sighs and works very hard to please her father also. There are whispers about him getting another wife. Ayshe doesn't want to think about it. But at least her mother hasn't been put out on the street like the woman two houses down. The neighbors said she didn't please her husband. But where will she live now? Ayshe lives with a lot of questions. Can you tell her about Jesus? Can you show her Jesus?

8.5 x 11 print.

Ayshe {*}

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