Note: At present we ship only to locations in North America.

About Authentic Justice

Authentic Justice is an outlet for hand-made products crafted by women who never knew they had marketable skills outside the sex trade and dared not dream of self-sufficiency. These women and children are the forgotten ones who are traded in a worldwide human trafficking underground. Some of the women are fleeing gendercide and domestic abuse. Under the auspices of Cross Cultural Connections (CCC), its parent organization (CCC's 501(c)(3) organization listing), Authentic Justice takes the women rescued by CCC, nurtures them and equips them with skills that enable them to grasp freedom. They are trained to make the jewelry and accessories offered for sale here. The goal is to help these victims regain their self-image as children of God created in His image. This nurture is critical to their independence.

It is a enormous challenge. This year 800,000 women and children will be sold into the sex industry. Every minute two children are trafficked into this hell. Authentic Justice networks with agencies in South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East to identify available products and market them successfully. The love poured into the lives of these women is the best weapon in this worldwide battle. As our clients gain confidence and freedom, they are eager to go out and rescue others to share their joy.

We offer Fair Trade, eco-friendly, hand-made items. Buyers can be confident that they are not using their buying power to support slave labor. We encourage our customers to get involved personally by hosting awareness events. We hope you will catch the vision to do justice to those due justice.